Thursday, December 10, 2009

My "Ordinary" Heroines

Hey, we all need other so-called "ordinary" people we can look to who have already achieved what we are in the midst of struggling to do for ourselves. They say "it can be done!"

Here are videos for two such heroes of my own from the Team Beachbody website. Carrie and Amber started their journeys weighing quite a bit more than I. Both of them have released over 100 POUNDS. Carrie (pictured here) is the best proof for me that I CAN be a size 4 again.

Sometimes, when I've been working out & saying no to seconds, but the scale - like today - goes back up a pound instead of down, I feel like screaming and giving up. Now, if the evil suggestion that "it's no use" crosses my mind again and tries to make me believe it is the truth, I'll just come here to my blog, watch Carrie or Amber's videos, and feel an enormous debt of gratitude to them both.

Then, I'll get back to pushing play & bringing it with renewed confidence.

So here are the videos of Carrie and Amber...where ever YOU may be in your mission to get back to skinny-dips, may they dazzle and inflame you as they do me.


  1. I have made lots of friends from Team Beachbody, and some of those transformations are cah-razy. I love it. Very inspiring. Chalene Johnson and I also follow each other on Twitter, and after I got over being starstruck (my hub and I both have a little crush) she asked me over twitter to explain my handle (MrsFatass) and her reply to my reply motivates me every day.

    Those Beachbody people know their stuff, eh?

  2. Love this post! You're right--everyone does need motivation from ordinary people. In my mind, that's the best motivation out there because it shows you people who aren't superhuman that "did it" also. That's my favorite part about TBB--they're the reeeeeeal deal!

    Now...'bout that "scale goes up a pound or two" thing!!! You know how I feel about the scale...please oh please do NOT get so agitated over a number!!! Unless it starts going up repeatedly and significantly, it's probably a change in your water retention and doesn't actually reflect your fitness goals. Keep track of your body fat percentage instead, and measure your inches rather than your weight. The scale's your worst enemy when it comes to fitness!!

    Stay smilin'!
    <3 Jillian

  3. Great videos! Those girls looked so toned as well as a hell of a lot slimmer. It just goes to show what REAL exercise can do! You've inspired me to choose a low-fat meal when I go out for Thai food tonight. Boiled rice all the way!!


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