Friday, November 20, 2009

Can't Stop Touching Myself!

Oh boy, it is so sad, but it seems I am just one of those women that can get NOTHING else done for MYSELF when I have a job! You know what I mean?

Since I started working again, I have come home, made sure the house was cleaned up and food was served, the cats were taken care of and the plants watered. After this I ache to do nothing more than head for bed.

Obviously, I've neglected my blog here. But I've also neglected my friends and myself. Thank goodness, I am still exercising and losing weight though!!!

In fact, I can't stop touching myself now.

What I mean is that my body is changing and slimming and smoothing out in such deliciously delightful ways...and beginning to feel so foreign to me...but like deja vu too...that I can't stop running my hands over my hips and thighs and stomach every time I hop in the shower or dress. It is like I am having to get reacquainted with a very old friend.

It just feels WEIRD, this healthy and sleeker new body, ya know what I mean? I AM LOVING IT! Coincidentally, so is Anthony who insists I save some strength for him almost every night now. Wow! For the first time in forever, I am cooking in the bedroom regularly.

But I have slacked a little more than I intended too in my eating and exercise routines. My day job is SO physically tiresome, especially for a FatAss who sat onher fatass at a desk job for 5 years.

A lot of days I just take a long walk for my daily exercise instead of TurboJamming. This must be why I am only down to 177 lbs now instead of where I should be which is about 168. But who the hell cares!

The weight IS releasing, and so what if I get to my 118 goal a little later than I could have. The point is...I AM getting there and I am NOT giving up.

Hope you won't either. Lots of love from your friend Louise.


  1. Atta girl! I hear ya! After I come home from a long day the last thing I want to do is work I do it in the morning. As for reaching goal, you'll get there, and be able to maintain it better if this is a more realistic schedule for you!

  2. Huraah! You're back! I wanted to tell you that you inspired me to write my own blog, www.watergirl1.blogspot.

    Glad you're still losing that's ace.

    LittleMissScoop xx

  3. bahahaha, i love the title of this entry! seriously though, i know the feeling and i'm so happy for you! you're well on your way to healthiness and the best part is, you know it! i slack on my eating wayyyy too much too, which is why i love shakeology :) have you tried it yet? if you haven't, you should!! so many great recipes for it, too.

    ...i also have a personal belief in buying new clothes...hehehe.

    but anyway, i think it's bedtime for me, so i'll pop back in soon :) keep writing!!

    <3 Jillian

  4. Miss YOU!!!! Where are you??? Hope you are well...


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