Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Project: Day 29 & 30

I'm back!

Sorry for the week-long hiatus. Turns out that the single bite of hubby's soup and sandwich I had got me sick as well. It really just hit me as soon as I had finished posting my last project update, too.

Felt real tired and weak so I went to bed without working out. Then, I started with the same diarrhea Anthony had and finally a fever. Thank goodness no vomiting for me though.

My fever broke at around 9pm on Day 30, but I stayed in bed and slept so I'd have strength for work. And I did make it through work, but with a total lack of enthusiasm whilst moving very slowly for everything.

What would have been days 31 - 35 of this project were spent weakly laying about. Went to bed at 7pm every night. Mind and body felt so completely spent.

On the bright side, I did weigh in and measure on Day 30 and I am delighted to find that I have lost 6 lbs and 7 inches in the last 30 days!!! This is 2 lbs less than my target of 2 lbs per week, but I am still satisfied to find that I am making good progress. Besides, I feel the next 30 days progress will be even better thanks to my GoWearFit Armband which I only got my hands on these last two weeks.

In fact, I can now slip on that 3rd and final pair of new size 14 pants I got a few weeks back, but I can only zip them whilst sucking it all in. So for now, they remain in the closet.

But that first pair, the size 18, is now getting so baggy around the smaller ski slopes of my ass as to look ridiculous. How annoying it is to have to keep 3 different pant sizes around all the time!

In light of my illness and recovery for days 31 - 35, I have decided to count today, Tuesday September 15th, as my official Day 31, and keep the project running forward from here. After all, it's my project and I invoke my female prerogative to make up rules as I go. So suck it if you'd consider this cheating!

Now that's decided, and I finally feel all my energy and well-being has rushed back in to my body, the project will go on. No harm done. Just 6 lbs obliterated!!!

Damn it felt SO GOOD to see the 180s again on that dreaded scale! 170s, lookout! This FatAss is wiggling your way!


  1. I am so glad you are back. I wondered where you were. I am happy you feeling better and pumped you have reached some new milestones! I have now lost 17.6lbs in a month on Weight Watchers! I DVR'd the Biggest Loser for some extra motivation.

  2. there's no such thing as "cheating" on this journey!! glad you're feeling better, and CONGRATS on your weight release! (i like saying that instead of loss because if you consider them lost, there's no guarantee they won't find you again! consider it released, haha.)

    <3 Jillian


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