Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Project: Day 27 & 28

Hubby got food poisoning on Monday morning from Jason's Deli (don't worry, not from the one I'm working at where neat-freakness is like the store religion).

I should have told him I don't think eating the muffaleta is wise because of the way it is partially prepared hours before you order it (unlike everything else except the soup). But again, I brushed aside my little flashes of intuition as mere paranoia, and let my poor Anthony take the fall for it. Why do I always ignore my premonitions and instincts when I KNOW by now just how right they always are?

So sorry I have not responded to all comments yet like I said I would. Perhaps I'm a liar AND a FatAss? Neah, I know myself better than that! Will get to it by Friday, I am sure.

Anthony's fever finally broke at around 9am this morning (Tuesday, Day 29) and he is eating again. Thank goodness for his strong immune system that made him purge EVERYTHING.

The very 1st time in almost 7 years I have witnessed him throwing up. It scared the hell out of me...little red spots formed all around his eyes. Had never seen them but my binge-drinking little brother said these happen to him when he barfs. Assures me they'll be gone in a few days.

So how did the Project hold out this time when more family drama came my way? Well, I fled to the pantry for my one-bite brownies...and they were no where to be found. Turns out my traitorous little brother had eaten the entire container in one sitting after a fight he had with his girlfriend.

Great! So he's an emotional eater, too?!

Sad to say, I got ugly and whiny as hell. Nuclear explosions at the Wallace household. After the first blasts of my finest harpy-like female fury, stormed off to Sonic for onion rings and a shake for solace.

When the dust finally settled at the end of Day 28, I had eaten 2000 calories and only burned 2581 (not the 1000 deficit target, but still okay). I had skipped working out and spent the whole day indoors, trying to persuade Anthony to drink water and broth and Gatorade. So I had binged...again. Yes, drama=goal undermining. Grr!

On the bright side--if one can call it that--I seem to burn more calories when I'm panicked and stressed out. If only it weren't for the pesky relationship between stress and strokes, I could have made this the perfect workout plan. Freaking out comes so naturally to me!

Day 27, on the other hand, was just peachy-keen. Ate 1597 calories but burned 2533. Completed the TurboJam "Ab Jam" and "TurboSculpt" workouts for muscle strengthening and building, but lower calorie burns.

Just two more days and I get to weigh in and bust out the tape measure to ascertain the first 30 day progress of The Frumpy FatAss Project. Will promise now not to sob or give up if the results from this first round are less than stellar.

ANY loss at all will be a win, right? But if I haven't dropped 8 lbs or more, I'll just chalk this first 30 days up as a tweaking period. After all, I got some of the best tools and ideas from my readers this month, and only just got the final and maybe most vital tool for my arsenal (the GoWearFit armband) less than a week ago.

This all sounds a little like defeatist-speak so I'm gonna stop it now. The first battle was the hardest and is almost over, but the war WILL wage on. Nothing can steal my beauty and health away from me ever again. I won't let that happen. Period.

Love you all and hope you've cultivated your own beauty today. You know you've got it. Just let that inner god or goddess out!

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