Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Project: Day 25 & 26

Two more days I can be proud of as a reformed FatAss. And I got my first compliment. Sort of. It doesn't really count though because it came from Anthony.

Thanks to the information I am gleaning from this new BodyBugg about my actual calorie burning power and from The Daily Plate about the rather shocking calorie counts found in the foods I love, it seems like the puzzle is complete. Fatty's got a big picture view of why and how she was able to pack on almost 80 pounds in 5 years...and why most of that came within the last 2 years.

I've written a complete and honest review of what I think so far about the GoWearFit armband (BodyBugg) and their online activity manager here. It is less than perfect, but I wouldn't give it up now, and I've explained why in this post.

Activity wise, for Days 25 & 26 I am kicking ass and taking least kicking as high as my wobbly muscles will allow without protest, anyways.

On Day 25, I did the TurboJam FatBlaster workout again. And once again only needed to pause one time. Now, thanks to the BodyBugg I know for a fact that I burn at least 300 calories when I complete this 30 minute long (plus pauses) workout. Not too shabby.

On Day 26, I did not do TurboJam, but I did walk for 1.5 hours around the hood with my hubby. And when I say hood, I mean it.***PERSONAL RANT: This place we live in now--Eagle Crest Apartments--is getting pretty bad. Lots of break ins. Cops coming around all the time. Crappy music blasted from passing cars at all hours of the day & night. And I have personally witnessed 3 drug dealer transactions whilst walking about the block. So, I'll be all too pleased when we finally move to Washington.***

Anyway, I said I could feel my energy growing daily. Well, on Day 26 I experienced one of the more powerful and obvious proofs of this.

My mom is out of town visiting one of her many boyfriends, and so I'm checking in on her doggy, Rufus--a hyper male pit bull--everyday. He loves this arrangement because I spoil him terribly and scratch him real good on those hard to reach places on his back every time we meet.

Another thing I do is play fetch with him. In the past, I'd always just sit on the couch in the living room and throw the toy of the day into the dining room, kitchen or toward the front door. He retrieves it and as he runs back--I swear with a big smile on his face--I clap and say, "Oh, Rufus is such a good boy! What a smart doggy you are Rufus!" Or some other such nonsensical baby talk.

He likes it. And he seems like he could go on with this forever. It always wears me out.

This time, I started our fetch game sitting on the couch as usual. But as Rufus ran back the first time, I felt the urge to stand up and greet him. He was thrilled! I wrestled the toy from him and threw it again. He came bouncing back as I charged him. To his obvious delight, I struggled to pull the toy from his clamped mouth, bouncing all around him in circles until he relinquished.

Without even feeling the lapse of time, we carried on this way for about 30 minutes until HE gave up, panting like a--well, um--like a dog.

According to my BodyBugg, this was my highest calorie burning span of the day. And instead of feeling exhausted, after a 5 hour shift on a busy day at the restaurant, I felt even more energized!


And this is also the night Anthony complimented me. I had my shirt off, getting ready for bed, and he came up for a hug. As he held me, he ran his hands down my back and practically shouted, "Hey, those folds in the middle of your back are gone!"

Yes, they are, so I know he's right, but I say his compliment doesn't count as my first because 1) he knows how hard I am working on this fitness project and since he is "in the know" he is too likely to flatter me as a sneaky form of encouragement (or so my female insanity hormones tell me), and 2) compliments from our husbands and boyfriends NEVER count because they never seem to say that we are anything but beautiful in their eyes anyway. Love--or our delicious feminine witchcraft--blinds them to our bulges. God bless them!

I thanked him and then got in bed. As I lay on my side, however, I made another waist MUST be trimmer.
If you are a FatAss like myself, then you know what I mean when I say how you can lay on your side in bed, and the spot that should mark out the smooth dip of your waist is actually more like a series of fatty speedbumps, right? Well, my speedbumps are gone now, replaced by one very shallow valley where the diminishing fat around my waist creases slightly (what I called my equatorial line, you might recall).

So...looking good...feeling good...and eating pretty good, too. Foodwise, Days 25 & 26 were excellent as I burned 2000 calories and 1400 calories respectively more than I ate. Just wonder if it is bad to burn so many more calories? Does anyone know about that? If so, please tell me.

I'm certainly not starving myself. Just trying to eat the less calorie dense options like fruits & I've stopped drinking anything but water.

So other than the brief melancholy brought on by a shopping trip (which I'll have to write about), I am going into my Saturday & Sunday feeling good and thinking that I might even be looking good, too.

By the way, I am trying to respond to all comments left here on my blog, but now that I'm working, I'll be waiting til Mondays (my day off) or Tuesdays. I read every one and I am so grateful for the advice and encouragement. Also, so very very happy to hear of how my fellow FatAsses are taking charge of their own bodies or know what this feels like. Because you know what? Our quality of life must be so intricately woven in with the fitness of our bodies and health. I believe that now completely.

All of my love to you.

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  1. You go girl! I don't miss my speedbumps either!


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