Monday, September 7, 2009

FatAss Review of GoWearFit Armband (aka BodyBugg)

To get right to the point, I love my new armband from GoWearFit and would not wish to be parted from it for the remainder of this project. In fact, I believe success with this project--for me and my personal situation--depends on having the information I am getting from the BodyBugg.

Why? I had no clue just how few calories I was burning in my normal day-to-day activities. Let me clue you in: less than 1400 calories per 24hr period!

Now pair a 1400 average daily calorie burn with a 3200 average daily calorie consumption and what does that spell?


When I say 1400 calories, I am not talking about the sort of days I spend now trying to walk a lot and also get in a TurboJam workout. The 1400 or less calorie days were my days of the last 5 years when I held my desk job doing nothing but sleeping, gorging at office grazing parties, driving home, watching a movie and then sleeping again.

Holy cow! No wonder I became a cow!

This also means that even with a 1479 reduced calorie diet (or even a 1200) if I add in only a 300 calorie burn workout every other day, I am going to lose weight VERY slowly...or not at all. Talk about discouraging.

So for me, this BodyBugg was a real eye-opener and worth the $165 sticker price.

Now, I just upload the info on it mid-day after work, find out how much more I need to burn to reach my goal of at least a 1000 calorie deficit, and then set to work getting appropriately busy. Or else I skip the afternoon snack or have only some fruit for dinner.

I like how it counts my steps though this is not that important to me. Also, I like seeing how efficient my sleep is, though this is not too important to me either as resting has never been a challenge for me, I'm happy to report.

For me, it is definitely the calorie burn tracking that makes this so worthwhile. And I think I will go ahead and purchase the wristwatch, too, so I can get a quick idea of where I am at on calorie burn throughout the day without having to upload to a computer.

Oh, and after the second day, I hardly notice it on my arm anymore. But DO NOT wear it in water or for more than 23 hrs at a time! Water will destroy it and nonstop use will ruin your arm.

What I hate about the BodyBugg was getting the damn software installed. Turns out it worked better setting it up with Internet Explorer instead of Firefox.

Also, you'd think they made the armband with only skinny people in mind...not the fat people with Bye-Bye arms (or Bingo arms as my Twitter friend from the UK @LittleMissScoop says!) like mine who might actually be concerned about losing some of their extra padding. I didn't need to tighten it at all, but I did the first time (assuming it would be necessary) and only got a few spider veins on my oxygen starved upper arm for this silly idea.

Finally, their nutrition assessment system just plain sucks. They have next to none of the restaurant foods I like in their database, and adding your own nutrition data requires you write a whole Bible. Thank God you only need use it for the 3 day assessment and then you're done with that. I'll just keep using The Daily Plate to easily track my calorie consumption.

So is it worth it?

IF you have been on a reduced calorie diet AND exercising like me now or in the past, but not seeing much change on the scale (or even experiencing MORE weight gain), then YES, you might benefit from what you'll discover about your personal calorie burning averages.

Like now I know that I burn as many calories sitting at a computer or driving in the car as I do when I'm sleeping! No wonder I was having a harder time keeping weight off in past metabolism has gone MIA on me.

So check out the video on their home page. If you think it is worth trying for yourself, you can use the promo code EMPDISCEEE for a 10% discount. That's the best code I found from an online search. If anyone's got a better one please share!

So GoWearFit has made it on the illustrious Frumpy FatAss Project's Tools List!

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  1. You are wonderful for attacking this head on. I was the prior CEO of BodyMedia, the creator of GoWearFit and bodybugg (24Hr Fitness) and myself lost 40 lbs in a little under 2 years. Keep it up, I am a big fan. How do I keep up w/your postings? This one came to me because of a Google alert I have set up on GoWearFit. Keep it up, Fernando


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